How to win at Gonzo's Quest - Winning Strategies

The flagship line of video slots Swedish manufacturer of games for online casinos NetEnt slot machine Gonzo's Quest has many advantages.

  • Fascinating intro about the adventures of the protagonist Gonzo
  • Detailed graphic design, interesting animation and an atmospheric soundtrack
  • Innovative game mechanics with cascading symbols on the playing field
  • Avalanche feature, which replaces symbol combinations with new wins per spin
  • Progressive multipliers for wins per spin
  • Free Falls round with 10/20 free symbol drops
  • Increased Bonus Round multipliers

Also the high volatility and RTP of 96% attract players from all over the world to this day. 

The treasure hunt for the lost city of Gold in the company of the brave conquistador Gonzo is able to captivate the user for a long time and bring a good profit. The maximum multiplier of Gonzo's Quest will provide a win of the equivalent of 187,500 pounds.

Meanwhile, such a result is not available to every fan of the platinum slot. To get the most out of playing Gonzo's Quest, experienced users use different strategies and betting schemes.

Gonzo's Quest strategies and tricks - how to win

Strategies for playing Gonzo's Quest

Before you start playing Gonzo's Quest for real money, it is advisable to master the gameplay in demo mode. The slot machine has a complicated betting system. On the control panel to select the denomination of a coin from 0.05 to 50, and then set the bet level from 1 to 5. The totality of the specified parameters will show the amount of the bet per spin, which is displayed in the line below the control panel. 

Having mastered the procedure of increasing and decreasing the bet size, you should use the method of standard deviations to calculate the approximate number of spins between winning combinations. After determining the average frequency of winning combinations, it is possible to try different strategies and betting schemes.

Parlay system

According to the Parlay principle, the bet that does not play must be reduced and the bet that does play must be doubled. Double the bet amount until the first loss, then set the original bet amount.

The Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is similar to the Parlay system, but requires you to double your bet each time you lose. As soon as the bet is played, its value returns to the starting value. This way the winnings recoup the costs of the previous spins.

Pyramid system

In the Pyramid system, the bet is increased successively from the available minimum to the upper limit, and then gradually reduced to the minimum value. Increasing and decreasing bets must be done incrementally regardless of the result of the spin.

Hi - Low circuit

The Hi - Low (More - Less) scheme requires successive alternation of the minimum and maximum bet amounts. 

We have cited the most effective and frequently used methods to increase the efficiency of the slots game. More strategies can be found on gaming forums and in some players' reviews. It is worth noting that there is no universal method. Each player chooses an acceptable strategy after trying it out from personal experience.